Of 31st December in the year 2012 and Resolutions which were Broken even before Starting.

by Raj Shekhar


Here we go. From Blogger to WordPress in the 25th year of existence. Should the old posts be imported here?  No. Lets start afresh. 


Lets get started. People in touch with yours truly would know 31st december 2012 was unfortunately a working day for self. And as the night promised nothing and being alone on the day, there was a lot of time to think things while returning back from office in an auto which took 35 mins to cover the last 1.2 kilometres.  When, how, what exactly transpired to bring the thought will be of little consequence, so, to put it directly, the challenge of ‘surviving’ without Facebook for an entire year at first seemed illogical. Why should one do it? What was to be gained except testing one’s patience for a return which was as guaranteed as a Salman starrer crossing 100 crores within five days of its release these days (btw, have you seen Salman kissing Aishwarya in public? No?  Take some time out to think where your life is heading. Seriously. In the meantime, here you go -> http://bit.ly/U4MXgT )  


So, returning to the issue at hand, as one thought deeper into the subject and as the traffic got even worse at the same time, one could see the magnitude of the challenge.. not a week, fortnight or a month. A bloody YEAR without Facebook. A return on 1st Jan, 2014. Sachin would probably retire by that time from tests as well, people will grow older by one year, 20,000+ marriage updates on facebook missed, ten lac marriage photos missed in the time period, not able to comment, share, stare at things. It seemed tough. But then, since there’s two aspects of  everything and since the traffic didnt really show any signs of moving, started thinking of reasons good enough to give up Facebook for a year. And surprisingly, a lot many pointers did emerge. Also was reminded of the last challenge undertaken – travelling 300 kilometres one way and returning with all places to see visted and twice eating proper meals all within a budget of 200 rupees and not a paisa more. Yes it was done. Not comfortable, but successful. And thus, the optimism of completing the recent resolution went up by several notches. 


But self confidence is one thing. With plans such as these – where unlike the 600 kilometres of self travel, other people are also connected to your decision, it becomes important to let other people know what you’re going to do – else rumours take even less time to start. So called up this friend of mine i have known for 12 years and between the talk slipped in the resolution made. Now i totally respect girls but the reaction wasnt too good. And it went downhill from there. Bad start. Took ten minutes and explained to her why i wanted to do it expecting her to agree. There was a sarcastic “Jao kar lo” in the end and something about hospital and treatment was mentioned but i took it as a yes. But also, now this wasnt a straight yes so i figured to have to explain everybody why I wanted to do it wouldnt be such a good idea and may take a week. So, in ten minutes, I had three paras written in a notepad why the resolution was made and pencilled in 8 points each for why it was doable and why it wasnt, and was happy when this second friend pinged just as i completed writing. Known the guy for 15 odd years now. Told him the resolution. The choice of words from him to describe the entire thing was undesirable and remains unprintable even a day later.


Anyways, with two old friends, both the genders being asked having not much good to say about the decision, it was time to ping somebody who’s been a friend for three years now. Maybe a recent friend would not involve sentiments while answering. Now i dont know how he did it but this third guy managed to mix both the earlier friends’ opinion and gave a different perspective altogether to things. Still negative though and not much respect received. Also, i know people dont give too much heed to what i say at times but serious doubts had now been created as to the sanctity of the challenge. The fourth friend didnt help either. Atleast the conversation was short and he did give me a reason to stay on Facebook which was duly added to the list later. So, four friends down, not much support had, it was time to take a final opinion before taking a call. So ringed up somebody who i’ve again known for 10+ years, who is not on Facebook and she knows as much about what a timeline is as the amount Ravindra Jadeja knows about left arm bowling. The reply was blunt, negative and i think i heard laughter. Also said if i went ahead, i wouldn’t last a week before returning. I liked the confidence with which the claim was made considering everything was unknown to her but it was of little help to what was now a gradually sinking motivation. 


So what do you do when the chips are down? You come out fighting even harder. It was my decision, my resolution and I believed I could survive 365 days without facebook. So the notepad paragraphs were pasted in a facebook note and before it was finally posted and the decision was made irreversible without breaking the resolution,  i decided to take a one final look at how facebook was at that point in time before seeing it again a year later. Needless to say, the post never got posted. Got involved in a chat with a friend going abroad, commented on a couple of photographs, saw people sharing happy pictures, replied to a friend wishing an Happy New Year an hour earlier and decided resolutions such as these need more preparation and are not made in haste, how so much big the challenge. And did not think on it again until having spent four hours into the day in the office on 1st January, 2013 with very little work. What am I doing right now?  Sitting in an auto and finishing this note before it is time to call it a day. Did i make a new resolution? Yes. It is to start wearing a wrist-watch for the first time since 2004.  Happy New Year everyone.



 For those interested in reading the resolution from yesterday, here you go. 



31st December, 2012 has been a working day. In a parallel universe, i hope 2012 does not happen. Looking forward; that time of the year when people make resolutions.  Hit the gym?  Populate that WordPress account created in April but not touched thereafter? Material things? Non-material things? Marriage? World Exploration? IPL contract? What? And as the auto struggled to find space on a really REALLY congested Link Road, the thought came. There were so many things not going for it but as one thought on it for some time, pointers in favour of doing it also emerged. And then i needed an opinion. So pinged this friend of 12 years now and put the point across. The reaction wasnt good. And then i explained why I wanted to do it and there was a pause and a sarcastic ‘do it’. And having not convinced and yet gotten the approval of one, things seemed brighter. And since i cannot ping everybody – more of a logistical problem, therefore this note to say the the new year resolution for 2013 is to be seen on Facebook in 2014. Short notice so will be out of here tomorrow evening. I hope they do not permanently delete the account. Will have to read on settings.


So very quickly, 8 points on why it did not seem a good thought at first?


1) I know what is going on with your life even w/out being in touch

2) Wont get to see the marriage pics of guys whose wedding have not been able to attend / wont be able to attend

3) Facebook Chat 

4) status-es / comments / cricket posts / opinion shared / your pictures / new contacts – friends

5) New movie release trailers and Memes

6) Some of MY photos have come out pretty ok lately, unlike the bachpan. wrong time to leave

7) No quizzing, events and check-ins. Shit.

8) Will miss out on a lot many Birthdays 


And 8 points on why it seems doable.


1) Challenging. A week or a month or even two month seems legit, a whole year LONG 

2) There are two pending books that need to finish writing. Time is of essence

3) The second year of a job is where it gets really serious if one is serious about doing work 

4) Would like to know how different everything is here an year later 

5) Phone conversations ought to last longer. Null hypothesis

6) There will be a blog, a whatsapp and a twitter account still active for SNS activity

7) Would like to observe my own feelings and will be tweeting the withdrawl symptoms

8) I can return whenever i want to. Resolutions are meant to be broken.


But it is a very tempting challenge. Also, by the time this much has been written, THREE more people have said not to do it. But its a challenge. And very tempting. Hmm.